Bio Wave 3-Pack Filter System - more

Select from several total solutions all plumbed with a Bio Wave filter, Wave pump, Wave ultraviolet sterilizer light, check valves and blower on a 2 foot x 3 foot platform. Four models for ponds 1200- 8,000 gallons.


Wave-36 Vortex System - more

The Wave 36 Vortex filtering system permits three chambers of incredible filtering. The first settles the crud from the water for clarity, the cleaner water then passes to the next two for biological filtering which are filled with high quality Japanese filter matting.

Wave VMS Pressurized Pre-filter - more

Designed to handle up to 150 gpm (9000 gph), this pre-filter is able to separate out waste and crud. It utilizes a "Self-Cleaning" micro screen. The waste settles to the bottom for waiting for final discharge. Choice from three sizes to match your needs.

Bio Wave Filter - more

The Bio Wave filters use Bio Wave sinking flow through media that enables them to handle high flow rates with little back pressure. Each comes with a blower for back washing. Four models for ponds 1200 to 8,000 gallons

Bio Wave Plus Filter - more

Able to take up less space then larger filters and still able to provide plenty of filtering. Uses Bio Wave floating "flow through media" that enables them to handle high flow rates with little back pressure. Each comes with a blower for back washing. Three models for ponds 6000 to 10,000 gallons.

Performance Bead Filter - more

Takes up a small foot print of space and still able to provide plenty of filtering. Uses floating "bead media" that enables them to perform the highest degree of mechanical filtering like all other bead filters. Each comes with a blower for back washing. Choice from several sizes to accomplish biological filtering of ponds from 2,500 to 10,000 gallons.

Legend Bio Wave Filter - more

The Legend bead filters are dependable, efficient, easy to operate. Designed to provide excellent mechanical filtering of waste and crud. The large design provides more capacity of beads making it capable of more biological filtering. Seven models to suite the biological needs of ponds from 1200 to 30,000 gallons.

Carefree Filter - more

The Carefree filters come with only the top mounted valve body in a range of sizes. They do not come with media or a blower unit, yet they are available separately. Four models for ponds 2200 to 8,000 gallons.

Bio Reactor Filter - more

Considered one of the better methods of mechanical and biological filtering is the fluid bed Bio Reactor filters. The Wave 24 and Wave 36 Bio Reactor filters use Bio Wave floating media in a vortex shaped settlement tank. The media is suspended by use of an aeration pump as the water passes through.

Vortex Settlement Tank - more

The Wave 24 and the Wave 36 vortex settlement tanks permit optimal mechanical filtering by permitting the waste and crud to settle.

Vortex Filter - more

The Wave 24 and Wave 36 Vortex filters permit some settling of waste and include Japanese filter matting for the biological filtering.

Vortex Micro strainer - more

The Vortex Floating Micro strainers is for Ultra fine mechanical filtering. Available in either 500 or 250 micron stainless steel. Eight models to suit your needs.

E.Z.R. Filter - more

The EZR biological is an up flow filter that comes with the internal PVC components. No media or blower included. Filters ponds up to 5,000 gallons.

Waterfall - more

Waterfalls are easy to make with a verity of designs to choose from. Consider a biological waterfall filter for small ponds.

Media - more

Select from floating or sinking W Lim Bio Wave flow through media.

Filter Accessories - more

Flange fittings, gate valves, rubber couplings, air blower to slotted pipes.


Article: Selecting a pond filter